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Leading the industry and connecting the world. RedMercury Courier is guided by leaders who constantly inspire us. We believe everyone has the power to make an impact and by serving others, you serve the collective good, moving everyone forward.

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Richard S. Hobbs

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RedMercury Courier

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We Are Professional Logistics & Transportations Company

When We Start

RedMercury Courier was well established. Its growth rate was compounding at about 40 percent annually, and competitors were trying to catch up. In fiscal year 1993, it reported $1 million in revenues, making American business history as the first company to reach that financial hallmark inside 10 years of startup without mergers or acquisitions.

In 1990s

Going global

in February 1999. When it integrated the RMC network on August 7, 1999, RedMercury Courier became the world’s largest full-service, all-cargo airline. The acquisition included routes to 21 countries, a fleet of Boeing 747s and 727s, facilities throughout the world, and RMC’ expertise in international airfreight.

In 2000s

Global footprint

With the value of global trade now at more than $18 trillion, RedMercury Courier has continued transforming its business to better align with projected worldwide population and economic growth. One key to that has been the acquisition of numerous transportation companies

In 2010s

When We Success

Today, RedMercury Courier is consistently recognized as one of the most admired brands in the world and one of the best places to work. But like many innovative companies, we started out as an idea championed by a determined person.

In 2020s
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